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Houston Homes Investments, LLC is a full service Investment company in Houston, Texas. We work with many investors like you and have helped many reaching their goals in buying Real Estate for investment.

We also work with private lenders who want to earn passive income. Our private lender receives a 1st lien note, Deed of Trust and Equity to protect the investment.


"I bought a dream house in Sugar Land and got good time to work with Houston Homes Investments LLC. They are true to their words and they help along the way until closing. I'm happy with the house I purchased as well as the service they provided."
- Jennifer Z.

"I've sold an old house to Houston Homes Investments LLC and I'm happy that they keep their words and close on time. The transaction was creative and done as expected. I would do business with them again."
- Albino C.

"We have sold 2 houses to Houston Homes Investments. They have completed the transactions on time with CASH. Bao Tran (a manager we work with) is knowledgeable and true to his word and agreements. They handled all transactions very professionally and proficiently. We recommend this group anytime."
- Michael Fagan, Fagans Insurance Agency.

"I purchased a house from Bao and Houston Homes Investments, LLC. Due to many factors, we ran into a lot of bumps on the way. There was some miscommunication at first which caused some tension, but Bao wanted to make it right so he picked up the phone and called me. Once we started communicating consistently, we all got on the same page and were able to work things out. Bao went above and beyond on many of the repairs, replacing things that I only asked to be fixed. He was patient with my lender in providing all necessary items, and flexible. To top it all off, I mentioned in a phone call my concerns on the quality of the flooring job in the house. I did not ask for it to be fixed, but Bao called the contractors back out and had them fix the job, all on his dime. Bao is really nice and wants to deliver a product people are happy purchasing. He reiterated this many times in the process, and he showed it too. I enjoyed getting to know him."
- Roberta M, Houston, Texas.

"Selling a home can be an almost impossible task when you have a tenant that refuses to cooperate. Moreover, I had been delinquent on my taxes for 3 years. I was in a terrible financial situation. I had talked to serveral potential buyers. My situation was too complex for them to deal with. I as fortunate to call Mr.Bao Tran. I found him to be honest and very understanding. After becoming familiar with my situation, he took care of tenant and my deliquent taxes. I recommend Mr.Bao Tran to anyone that needs to sell their home regardless of your circumstances. You'll be glad you did."
- Rene Garza.

"My first home is with Houston Homes Investments. They were very helpful and have amazing properties. The home was ready to move in with updated no repairs needed and in great neighborhood. I would recommend Houston Homes Investments to others. Thank you!"
- Saul & Vanessa M, Houston, Texas.